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Every year in September, Harlem resounds with the annual New York African American Day Parade. Billed as the biggest black parade in America, the 2014 New York African American Day Parade kicks off from 111th street and Adam Clayton Powell Jr Boulevard in New York City.


The 45th Annual African American Day Parade was held on Sunday, September 21, 2014 in Harlem. Over 900 people lined Adam Clayton Powell Boulevard from 111th Street to 142nd Street and cheered the parade. It was the largest parade in 42 years. The theme of the parade was WORKING FOR UNITY, JUSTICE AND ECONOMIC EMPOWERMENT.

The parade included the widest cross-section of Black organizations in America. Bands and organizations came from 12 states. Some of the organizations marching in the parade included One Hundred Black Men, 100 Black Women, National Society of Black Engineers, NAACP, New York Urban League, Spirit of Hope-Cancer Survivors, New York Black Nurses, 369th Veterans Association, Association of Black Social Workers,  churches, labor unions, colleges, sororities, fraternities and many other organizations including our very OWN! This year the Riflettes were invited to represent the Springfield Rifles and Riflettes Organization!!!



45th ANNUAL 

(Largest Black Parade In America )


1:00 P.M.


111th Street & Adam Clayton Powell Blvd. To 136th Street


The purpose of the parade is to provide an opportunity for African people to join together on a Special Day to highlight our history and salute African people throughout America and the world for their outstanding achievements. The parade promotes unity, dignity and pride. The parade extends a special arena for organizations, dignitaries, celebrities, community leaders and bands to showcase positive accomplishments for the motivation of African people to achieve higher goals.


Our girls marched, cheered, flipped, and screamed for over 30 blocks. We are very proud of the way our organization was represented,

visit our video  page to view our Grand stand performance and our marches.

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