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Just when the organization seemed to be on it’s last limb, a Facebook page convinces us that we must do all we can to save this organization.

The internet and social networks are a great way to communicate locally and globally. For those of you who are not aware, we have recently created a Facebook profile “Springfield Rifles,” and page “Springfield Rifles & Riflettes” where we have shared photos and videos from our current Tiny Mite Championship Season. What started out as a way to share videos and photos with our parents, has turned into something bigger.

The page was created on July 22nd, 2014. Just two weeks later the page has attracted over 200 friends for our profile and over 100 likes on its official page.

Since creating this profile we have been in contact with many Springfield Rifles & Riflettes Alumni who have nothing but good things to say about the organization from the past and wish for it’s continued success.

One of our new found friends, Gary Thompson, sent us a very special message to motivate us to continue with this organization.

“...I also played for the Springfield Rifles between the years of 1972 thru 1974 along side with Gregory Goodrich in fact, perhaps some of the best years of my life as a young athlete growing up in the Springfield Gardens/Laurelton area of Queens. The life lessons (that) I learn(ed) from some of the coaches was priceless and unforgetable. The friendships (were) everlasting.... I now reside in Raliegh/Durham, NC, where I teach and coach football, baseball and referee College and HS basketball. It was the lessons I learn from the Rifles that molded the parent, father and teacher I am today...Thank You Springfield Gardens Rifles.”

As an organization that has been around for over 45 years, its been a challenge to keep in contact with all of our alumni and even our current members. With our new Facebook profile not only have we been able to contact many alumni but they have also taken us for a stroll down memory lane every Thursday of each week.

What’s known as “Throwback Thursday” on social networks has taken the ‘Springfield Rifles’ Facebook profile to another level. Old members are able to post pictures and tag other people who are in the photo as well. Many teams from as early as the 70’s are being re-united on our Facebook page. We’ve also seen some controversial comments about who’s the best team/players in Rifles’ history.

But in the end, we are all family. The Blood line of the Rifles & Riflettes organization is very long, the things we do for the youth is everlasting. It is also something that often goes overlooked. The recognition and love that we see on this Facebook page is just what we needed, to re-spark this organization.

Be sure to like our page and follow us this season! Be on the look-out for our instagram and youtube channel as well.

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