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2014 Annual Awards Luncheon

After a very successful 2014 Cheer and Football season, it was time to celebrate the hard work of our cheerleaders, football player and coaches. Congratulations to our Tiny Mite BAYFC Champs, 12U BAYFC SuperBowl Champs, 10U BAYFC SuperBowl Runner-Up, 13U National Step Champs, 10U National Step Champs, 13U National Cheer Second Runner-Up & 14U National Dance Runner-Ups... Our Annual Awards Luncheon was held Sunday, February 15th, 2015 at Woodhaven Manner.

All of the members of each team were awarded with a team participation trophy. There were also several special award trophys that were presented which included MVP/MVC, Roy Wilkins Award, Sportsmanship Award, President's Trophy, Most Improved Award, Rookie Of The Year Award, Academic Excellence Award and Dedication Award.

Tiny Mite MVP #21 7 Year Old Xavier "X" Spikes. A player who has been apart of this organization since he was five years old, and this year he showed us that it was finally his time! X who plays Full Back and Defensive Tackle, led his team to the championship where he had 2 TD's , 12 Tackles, 5 of those were Sacks and 3 Forced Fumbles in their 18-6 win to seal the title as the 2014 Big Apple Football Tiny Mite Champions! He also moved up to the Jr. Mite level where he played Tight End and Defensive Tackle, and even on the next level he made sure his name and number was known! #XGonGiveItToYa Watch his 2014 Football Season Highlight Tape!

Jr.Mite MVP #20 6 Year Old Troy Fason Jr. Troy played QB for our Tiny Mites this season, where he ran over 20 TD's. Not only did he get us to the Championship game, he made sure that we won it. At just 6 years old, this courageous player moved up to play with the Jr. Mites (7/8 yr olds), where he also played QB and Outside LB. After a very impressive season from this "Young Problem" he was named the MVP of the Jr. Mite Team, who fell short in the game before the Super Bowl 7-6. As the youngest player on the field, he held his own game after game at perhaps the most important position on the field. Congrats Troy AKA #TheProblem! Watch his 2014 Football Season Highlight Tape!

9U Squad's MVC 9 Year Old Sanai Spooner. Sanai is an athlete by nature, cheerleader by choice. A natural born leader, who not only cheered but coached her surrounding cheerleaders to success. Sanai has been cheering for three years, yet still has a thirst to become even better by helping everyone around her. Sanai held the title of captain this year, and played the role of a base. Without the bases the stunts won't work. Remember that and always thank your bases for a job well done! Thank You Sanai and Congratulations!

10U MVP #58 10 Year Old Isaiah Brown. Isaiah knows that supreme quality for leadership is unquestionably integrity. Without it, no real success is possible! With this in mind Isaiah led the 10U team to the SuperBowl last season, even though they fell short, this kid shined bright! Even though he was experiencing knee problems from the beginning, he still played throughout the whole season with 100% effort. If you could ask any member of his coaching staff to describe him in word, more then likely they'll reply "Beast." When you watch Isaiah play, after just a few minutes you'll be able to tell the kind of teammate he is, the type of leadership qualities he posses, the aggressiveness he has and lastly but most importantly how much fun he has playing this game! Congrats Isaiah!

12U MVP #1 12 Year Old Daniel "Danny". The QB gets more attention than any other position on the field, because you have to get your teammates to rally around you. Daniel was a strong leader, trusted by all of his teammates enough for them to sacrifice themselves for him in all situations. Danny has this very cool and calm demeanor that he brought to the playing field with him game after game. The things that impress us about Danny is that he's a tough Quarterback, not afraid to be hit or even deliver one! He's also a very intelligent player, he will find ways to win games, that was exactly what he did this season! 12U finished the season 6-1, and went on to beat the only team that beat them during the season in the SuperBowl. Thanks to Danny and his great leadership qualities we will forever hold the title... "2014 12U Big Apple Football SuperBowl Champions" Congrats Danny!

13U Squad's MVC 12 Year Old Jeniah Ivory ... Because people forget the glory of this great program, and you get to be the great one that restores it. Jeniah was a very humble yet talented cheerleader. She was present at every practice and fund raising event held. After being apart of our organization for four years, Jeniah is becoming one of our best, and she's only getting better! This year Jeniah played the lead role in our 2014 14U Dance Routine, which placed second nationally. Congrats Jeniah! Just stick with it, what seems hard now will one day be your warm-up.

14U MVP #1 14 Year Old Kaleo "Lao" Davis. A natural leader and one heck of an athlete. Even though the 14U team finished this season at 1-6, Kaleo played through this season like he was winning every game! With three younger brothers playing football for our organization, Lao is the perfect model for them to look up to. A good football player knows that he can get knocked down dozens of times, but he must get up. This season Lao was surrounded by an undersized and underaged team, however, he still was able to find a way to make a name for himself every game. Things that impress us about this young man are his actions on the field, but also his actions off the field. A good student, great older brother and most of all a gentleman. Congrats Kaleo, keep up the hard work!

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