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Our tiny mite team, a team who didn't win any games just last year, has bounced back and won the Big Apple Youth Football Conference of 2014 over the Mount Vernon Razorbacks.

July 19, 2014. Tiny Mite Champions sporting their medals and T-shirts accompanied by the Riflettes and their coaches after the game.

     The Rifles and the Razorbacks also met in Week 3 of the regular season, where both teams were undefeated at the time. With the Rifles offense, struggling to move the ball, the Razorbacks cashed in on two safeties one in the first quarter and more importantly another in the fourth quarter, which secured their win over the Springfield, 16-13. But the Rifles didn't tuck their chin to their chest, because they knew they would meet again.


“It was impressive to see boys at such a young age that understand in order to get something you want, you must work for it. They've accepted that this Championship game isn't going to be given to them, they have to take it.”


The coaching staff Tareik, Quea, Carlos, “L”, and Herk are not new to the Championship scene. Just last December they found themselves in the same predicament with the Jr. Mite team, aged 7-8, who also played an undefeated Mount Vernon Razorbacks team. The Rifles came up short and lost the Big Apple Youth Football 2013 Jr. Mite Championship, 19-7.


“We cannot lose this game, it is personal to me. They took a championship away from me last year and I’m going to get it back this year, with this team!” Coach Tareik tells the Tiny Mite team at the end of their walk-thru practice the night before the big game.


On July 19th, 2014, at noon, our players lined up against the Mount Vernon Razorbacks. The Razorbacks who finished their season undefeated at 6-0, thought that this game would be an easy win just like the rest.


However, what they didn't know is that every evening of the week before, Roy Wilkins Park turned into a sea of red. The young boys aged 5-7 came out and worked on every aspect of their game, so the results would be different this time. Blocking Drills, Tackling Drills and offensive plays over and over again. Their handwork showed when the lights came on.


Cheered on by bleachers full of red and a sideline with over 30 cheerleaders cheering and coaching and players screaming. The Rifles had no choice but to perform. 

The Rifles defense shut down the Razorbacks’ powerful offense, and held them to only one touchdown on their first offensive drive. The defense had five take-aways, many of them forced by Xavier Spikes or Carlos Cadet Jr. and often recovered by Dekari Staton. These three players also caused the safety late in the fourth quarter that confirmed their new reign as champions. 


Xavier Spikes, later named as Player of the Game, had 2 touchdowns, 3 forced fumbles and 10 tackles that helped him lead his team into victory. The final score was 20-6. 


The new BAYFC Tiny Mite Champions are now currently still playing in a new tournament that they were invited to after winning the BAYFC. In the Gridiron Games, they beat their first opponent the Pride Lions, 40-6. 


Most of the Tiny Mite players will be playing with the older Jr. Mite team to chase after yet another championship. Be sure to follow them this season, and look out for this new found rivalry against the Mount Vernon Razorbacks. 

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